I’ve known Ted Kamberos since preschool. Our sons’ preschool. So I first knew Ted as a loving, involved and committed parent. Over the years our lives have intertwined personally and professionally. As a friend and a business partner, Ted has demonstrated over and over the high level of commitment I first saw in his parenting. “… As my family’s real estate agent, Ted truly was our partner …” Ted is extremely knowledgeable about Chicago real estate, has a deep affection of the city and loves his work. His sound advice, calm support, excellent staff and terrific follow through resulted in two successful home sales and the purchase of a very wonderful home for my family. Ted was committed to understanding our unique family needs and situation. He always appreciated that what was one of many business transactions for him was a very personal purchase or sale for us. Ted Kamberos is a superior real estate professional.

Tana V.