After renting from Ted, I’m pretty sure that I will hate every other landlord I ever have. Ted is AWESOME. Although his manner is a bit hurried, he takes care of anything and everything you need VERY promptly. Through no fault of anyone, my roommates and I have had to call upon Ted quite a few times. He is the ultimate in dependable and responsive landlords and strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and good humor. I’m pretty sure he rents to quite a few college students and young professionals, mostly female, and he puts up with us extremely well! I think his properties are a good value for the price, and definitely for the services he provides. Gabriel, Ted’s assistant, is also great — he’s friendly, helpful, and SO polite — he always calls us before stopping by, just to make sure it’s okay. Ted, I hope this review makes up for the fact that I never did bring you a Christmas present this year — oops!

Sarah K.